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are these correct?

1/250 x 3=

1/250 x 3/1=3/250

1/150 x 1/300=1/45000

2/3 x 1.2=

2/3 x 12/10=

1/1 x 4/5= 4/5

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Do they want the answers in fraction format or in decimal format? The answers are correct, but the format may not be.


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in fraction form

What if they wanted them in decimal form how would i convert them


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On the 4/5 just divide 4 by 5 and you would get 0.8

(I would be sure to always put the 0. in - they count off at my school if you do not - they said that alot of med errors are made by misalligning decimal points so that helps prevent that)

Do the same for the other problems. Just always divide the top number by the bottom number.


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what about this I'm not sure if it is a trick question or not. The instructions are

Divide the following and reduce to its lowest value. RECORD ANSWER AS A FRACTION

1/2 divided by 1/4

1/2 / 1/4= 1/2 x 4/1= 2/1

2/1 reduces to 2 but 2 is not a fraction how should we answer

2/1 or 2


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I would answer 2.

2 may not be a fraction, but it is the lowest form.

2/1 can be broken down so it is not the right answer.

(At least it would not be in my program - someone asked that exact same question in class the other day)

However, you may want to call or email your instructor to get his or her preference on the matter.

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