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Math 40 and Chem in same semester?


I just started my prereq's and I'm taking math 40 and chemistry at the same time.

Is that taking on too much?? Should I get a better math foundation before starting Chem. Any opinions or advise on this would be greatly appreciated. After one class I'm thinking of dropping it because I'm worried about the calculations.

Suggestions Please!!!

All I am going to say is that I am going to do some serious praying for you. It all depends on you and how well you handle stress. Me personally, NOT an option!!!! Good Luck!

What type of math is your math 40? At my college it is Math 40 is arithmetic. In which case I would advice not taking chemistry yet.

The college I'm at won't let you sign up for Chemistry until you have completed Math 40-arithmetic; Math 60-Introduction to Algebra, Math 80-Fundementals of Algebra or have been placed into (by test or passing all the other with a 2.0) Math 90-Intermediate Algebra.

I heard that Chem has a lot of Algebra in it, so I decided not to take it until Winter quarter as I want to finish Math 90 first (fall quarter).

Math 40 is introductory Alg. and Chem 105 is Intro to Chem.

I was told by my chem prof. today that all you need is basic algebra knowledge for introto chem.If you go into further chem classes you would need more algebra skills.

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