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Maternity Scrubs


(Also posted this in the scrubs forum under the 'Nurses' topic, but that board seems like it's seldom visited, and I'm a student!)

Anyone have experience with maternity scrubs? Mainly bottoms. I'm considering wearing my regular bottoms with a belly band underneath, or buying scrubs with a full panel. I have a half-sleeve tattoo so I wear a long-sleeve shirt under my top and am afraid I'd get too hot with that and a full panel!


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Ive not been preggo in scrubs, but I have a pair of cherokee scub bottoms that have a flat panel front with pull string tie, but the back is bunched (kind of like jeans for small children with the stretchy waist) and gives a lot of room for stretch. Maybe those. I think they are just the regular cherokee workwear or whatever they call their basic line.

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You may want to check out the services of a local dressmaker... you can get names in any fabric store. It's very easy to just add a bit of 'room' to the front of your scrub pants/top without affecting the overall fit.

mrsboots, that sounds like exactly what I need! I can never get my tie string tight enough, so maybe it would be helpful with some stretch as well.

HouTX, that's a good idea! My current problem it that in order to tie my pants at the smallest part of my waist, I have to tie them super low, like way closer to my underwear line than I'd like, and then they fall down a lot in the back. I definitely need to get a scrubs top fitted better, I have a long torso as well so it's just hard to make things work.