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Maternity Scrubs


Any advice for maternity scrubs? I was thinking of just wearing my regular bottoms with a belly band, but was wondering if anyone had experience with ones that have a full panel. I have a half sleeve tattoo and wear a long-sleeve shirt under my top and am afraid of getting too hot with my belly fully covered!

Cherokee Flexibles makes an adjustable rise, pull-on maternity pant. Like this you can see how you feel and adjust it accordingly.

I wore my regular Urbane bottoms with a maternity t-shirt and a scrub jacket all the way through my pregnancy. I didn't want to pay for maternity scrub tops that I was only going to wear for a few months.


Has 6 years experience.

I wore my regular scrub pants (yay for drawstring and elastic, just wore the waistband under my belly) and bought scrub tops a size larger. I was all belly, looked like I swallowed a basketball--heck, the entire basketball team--but that was sufficient to cover my belly. I also highly recommend a maternity support garment, what I called my belly bra, because it helps lift and support your belly so it's not straining your back being on your feet all day.

Ava, I will definitely be looking into the stretch waist! That sounds exactly like what I need.

cs1031rn, that is a great idea for a top! I don't have a scrub jacket, but that sounds WAY better than paying for a scrub top and it solves my problem for wearing long sleeves.

T-Bird, that support garment sounds like a fantastic idea, I will definitely be getting one of those. I'm nervous for when I'm REALLY big!

I just wore regular bottoms under the belly, and larger tops (Normally wear Medium or Large, and needed XL at the end). But I carry relatively small. I'm a cheapskate and can't stand the thought of paying for maternity scrubs that I'll only wear for a few months. I got the larger tops at a thrift store.

If I'd gotten to a point where that didn't work, I'd probably have gone the t-shirt and scrub jacket route.