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Maternity Nursing?

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I am currently working as a RN in gen surg unit in BC Canada.

I would like to work in Maternity Nursing, but in order to do that I would have to take Perinatal Specialty Program first (and I was thinking of BCIT specialty program). I know Health Authority could pay for the funding for the specialty program, but Health Authority funding program itself could be competitive, which could take years to be accepted.

Therefore, I was thinking of paying for the BCIT Perinatal Specialty Program myself and at least get my foot into the door of Maternity Nursing.

The thing is.... I am not sure if there would be enough perinatal jobs after I take the specialty program. I know that if people get support from Health Authority, they are guaranteed at least a year of regular job in the perinatal unit...which is great!!! But I am concerned that I would not get a job right away if I take BCIT specialty program myself.

Any tips? Has anybody taken Specialty program at BCIT by yourselves?

I would greatly appreciate any answers or tips!!!!!

Thanks a bunch!


I have "self sponsored" the first two theory courses (after this there are two clinicals, breastfeeding and fetal monitoring (one elective as well). The big difference is when a health authority sponsors you the courses are accelerated and done in one semester basically, and you are paid for full time hours while in school, then you have back to back clinicals you are also paid for. Fraser health has currently started cross training all postpartum nurses to be L&D nurses, as this is the way BC is going, they want everyone cross trained. Anyway, if you have not applied for the sponsorship (depending on what HA you work in) yet it wouldn't hurt to do so. Also connecting with a manager of a unit you want to work if possible. BC Womens is a bit different I believe, but you need to have breastfeeding courses, as well as Neonatal Resuscitation completed before applying.

Im not sure if you get a guaranteed line though once done? I think still casual unless you were hired into a line before the program.

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Providence Health Care offers a line after the course. I am not sure with other health authorities. I did 2 specialties, Critical care I paid myself and ER paid for by the authority. It took me so long to finish the Critical Care as an independent student while the ER paid by the authority was completed in 6 months (including online courses). If I can turn back time, I prefer to just wait for hospital sponsored education line.