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Does anyone know of any good Maternity Care plan books or sites... We have been assigned 8 care plans and 15 teaching plans due in 2wks... Most of the stuff is actually after birth risks...

Thanks for any help :)


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I also loved that book. You can get it at Borders or Barnes and Noble.

Have you started your rotation yet? Sometimes you can find some great books on the floor or even better, a helpful nurse.



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Well we actually start the rotation is Two weeks, the assignement is due the week we start.... I just really hate to go buy a Care Plan book just for two months of clinicals...


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Here are some links that you might be able to use instead of having to buy a book. Also, check out your library? Just a thought.

Hope that this is some help! I'm just doing my prerequisites right now and have bookmarked soooo many different sites. Thanks to everyone who posts for their help!

Cheryl Moore

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