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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for opinions on the nursing program at MATC in milwaukee. I have not heard good things and some of what I have experienced/observed was not great either. I'm waiting on the petiton I submitted earlier this month. Any current RN students~ how do you like the classes, teachers, clinicals and organization of the program? I'm considering transferring but would still like some feedback.


Hello winurse1,

I did all my prereq's @matc, tried to petition twice and was denied both times. I have not heard good things about the program there. While I was a student there my instructors were excellent,but I wouldn't recommend thier nursing program to anyone. While trying to petition there I had nothing but one bad experience after another and 10 different people telling me 10 different things.

I trasfered to wctc last January,petitioned this past September and got accepted into clinicals.

Good Luck!

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