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Master in Nursing Administration



I am planning on starting a MSN-Administration program in Spring 2011. I'm currently researching a few schools and was hoping I could get some feedback on their MSN Administration programs. I obtained my RN-BSN online from Texas Tech with a 4.0GPA :yeah:and would like to obtain my MSN from their too. Has anyone had any experience with this program?? I have researched numerous websites trying to find out what people have thought about this particular program through Tech, and I can not find anything! I'm also looking into UTA's online MSN Administration program. It's a fast track program and from what I understand, its incredibly hard. Is this an accurate statement? People tell me that the instructors do not provide much help and do not understand the students many times. However, their program is in the top 100 nursing programs. Last, Walden University online offers the program and I hear great things about it. Does anyone have any experience with it? Thanks!

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if you want to move up in administration whether it be in the hospital or any place of employment in the nursing field , which degree would be of better use at this time , a MBA or MSN in administration / education ??? any info will be appreciated folks

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