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Master Degree abroad

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I studied a Master degree in Healthcare Management in Mexico 2 years ago... Now Im working as a RN BSN in California and I would like to know where can I get an evaluation for my Masters, in order to get a better job position in the Hospital which I am currently working.

I tried to call several times to CGFNS but they never answered :unsure:


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I am new on allnurses.com Wich one will you recomend?

I don't know how you can have your foreign Masters in Health Administration recognized, but suggest you keep trying to email CGFNS and see if you can get a response. It seems you have career aspirations to move from a staff nurse position into a leadership position, is this correct? If so, I am not sure if you are aware, but there are interesting discussions and articles on management techniques, managing teams and leadership strategies in the Nurse Management section of AN, to find them look at the top yellow banner-specialties-nurse management. There are also several interesting articles entitled "Confessions of a Hospital Administrator" by poster ServantLeader, you can use the search tool in the top right hand corner to find the articles.