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Has anyone heard back from Massasoit Community College for fall 2023 entry?

Not yet.  Looks like they found out mid-late May last year.  Good luck!

Admissions said they would be out Mid to late May.

Yah.. looks like last year they found out May 18th (according to last year's thread on this site).. so much later than other schools!


Thanks CD7! Admissions ignored my email - they've been really frustrating to work with. The information session said by late April but here we are. ? Best of luck to you and letmein! ?

Called admissions this morning - was told that decisions "will be mailed out by the end of next week"

Anyone have their degree works changed ?

Just went in... the only thing I see is that my "audit date" has changed to 5/27/23. Do you see something else?

Mine was audited the 26th but I've read they change your major and degree works in mymassasoit before you get a letter if you get in

Oh boy... now I'll be frantically checking that all week?!!


Haha yup. I already have been 

My degree works shows an audit on 5/26 but no program change.  

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