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Massage/nursing in the hospital/clinic setting

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An update on those who are into massage and nursing. I was going to start doing massage in the hospital where I work, but it got to be a hassle....I don't want to make up policy and procedures, etc. and drive 40 miles to maybe do 1 massage.

So I gave up on that part of it. BUT>>>>>>

My practice is getting busy. I am currently not working at the hospital at all. I am doing my medical massage (more specialized now in neuromuscular therapy) 5 days a week, 3 (or more) at my office and 2 at the medical clinic here in our small town. The hospital, clinic, and nursing home are separate but together, under one board. I worked on one of the 3 MDs here in town, and he talked with the board, and so i am doing the clinic patients that need it there at the clinic and i am getting patients from the whole area ( my former larger town included).

Getting referals from Doctors, chiropractors, dentists (TMJ).

The main insurance around here (BC/BS) had stipulations. I had to do the work in the clinic, bill thru the clinic, be paid by the clinic (provider). Right now I have 5 with various problems, but mostly Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndrome.

One had previous cervical fusions and decompressions, and then they did a carotid endart. on her and pulled/ strained a lot of those muscles when they cranked her head around during surgery. I see them usually twice a week, and bill thru the hospital. I do my schedule, they do billing messages, and then I get 80% , which is almost 3 times the amount I bill at my office!!! We bill with the current codes usually used by physical therapy. Neuromuscualr therapy/reeducation, soft tissue mobilization, Myofascial Release.

And if insurance doesn't pay, then I do them at my office. Working out good so far. It is helping and the word is spreading that what i do actually helps them. I also give them lots of info and instructions,........H2O, stretching, destress, posture changes and whatever else that gets to the cause of the problems.

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Hi nurseyperson! I also live in KS, have a friend taking a massage therapy class currently thru Butler Co.CC--she doesn't have net access, so I'm printing off copies of this thread to give her. Keep up the good work! :) :nurse:

Could you possibly e-mail me privately? Have a couple more questions for you that have to do with me personally (long story). My chiropractor has suggested finding someone who could do some deep tissue massage, have had difficulty connecting with the person he suggested. Thanks!

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OK....this is interesting to me and being the entrepreneur type...and interested in starting a business, this sounds right up my alley. Did you have extra training in massage therapy, nurseyperson?

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