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  1. I am a pre-nursing student. I have done my pre-reqs and am awaiting to hear from direct entry NP programs I've applied to. I'm beginning to worry though, becaue I do have something on my record. In '99 I wrote a check for 100.00 at my grocery store that bounced. I moved appts from RI to MA and closed that (RI) bank account right around that same time- so I didn't get the notice that it bounced until I got a call from my hometown police station saying they had a warrent! I went to court and paid the 100 and a small fine on top of that. I don't think I was "convicted"- I think it was continued without a finding -but I think it would show up on a background check. I've read the info on the MA BON site- and since it was more than 5 yrs ago and it wasn't an offense that would automatically disqualify me from a nursing license- I didn't think it would be an issue. Now I'm beginning to think about jobs that would also require a background check. Will this be a huge issue and impediment to a career in nursing? It seems like such a silly thing for a mistake from 6 yrs ago to prevent me from being a nurse...

    Help please!
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    I just checked and apparently my case was "continued without a finding". MA doesn't consider this a "conviction" but the MA BON does. The person I spoke with at the BON said that it does need to be self reported and go through the Good Moral Charachter evaluation process, but that it would not prevent me from sitting for the NCLEX or gaining registration. What happens is you have to wait 8 wks after graduation while they go through the evaluation and then they approve you to take the NCLEX.

    Just posted this in case anyone else had a similar ?

  4. by   Cooter5446
    Not sure about pre-licensure requirements, but I can tell you about CORI and background checks for existing licensees. In MA, if you have been CHARGED but not "CONVICTED" of crimes, there are CORI considerations. You can reply to this post if you would like more information.
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    This is a very old thread and things probably have changed since it was posted