Where are you applying for Fall 2007?

  1. I've applied to two colleges in southern NH, as well as Northern Essex Community College and Lawrence Memorial/Regis College.

    This is such a stressful thing! I've worked so hard for over two years getting all my pre reqs done, which I have.....I have all A's (except for one B+) and I'm terrified that I'm not going to get in anywhere! I scored in the 80.6th percentile on the TEAS and I'm hoping that's good enough. I did pretty well on the NLN, too.

    I'm interested to know which schools others are applying to and whether I am the only terrified applicant here.
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  3. by   purpleshamrock
    You are not alone with the stress! Sounds like you have an excellent chance of getting accepted to more than one school. I am still working on the pre-req's for the RN program (applying to middlesex in lowell) and also a LPN program closer to home. Which ever one I get first is where I will end up. Took the NLN last week and its driving me crazy waiting for the results.
    All the best to you. Post when you get that acceptance letter!