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Has anyone heard back on their applications yet??? I submitted mine somewhat early thinking that I would hear back early but that hasn't happened yet. I have no idea when I will hear anything and... Read More

  1. by   hale.bale
    Congrats to all who have heard of their acceptance! My question is, has anyone heard of being waitlisted or rejected? I sent 2 emails and called and it seems I'm being ignored. I have to send in my deposit to Simmons by April 16th, and while I'm happy to go there, it's WAY more money. I'm assuming I was rejected, but at this point it would just be nice to know! =P
  2. by   heramay22
    i think umass is really behind on the admissions timeline. Even if you were to get an interview this coming week there is a chance they wouldn't be able to tell you until two weeks later. :/ rough it out until the last day maybe.
  3. by   heramay22
    I got in
  4. by   lovepink01
    Congrats!!! Did they call you or did you get your letter in the mail?
  5. by   heramay22
    Quote from lovepink01
    Congrats!!! Did they call you or did you get your letter in the mail?
    They called me
  6. by   lovepink01
    Thats great. They told me I would get a letter in the mail but I'm still waiting. Im not sure if I am attending yet. Is is your first choice or do you have another school in mind? When and where did you get your undergrad?
  7. by   lovepink01
    Heramay22 I got your pm but I'm not at 15 posts yet. I will be soon then I'll answer you!!
  8. by   eastcoastbound
    Hey Lovepink01! What other school are you interested in? Have you made your final decision? I am hoping to apply to UMass next year and would love to hear your thought process for choosing or not choosing UMass.

  9. by   lovepink01
    Hey eastcoastbound

    I am interested in a few other schools but I really liked Umass because it is one of the only graduate nursing schools in Ma that is associated with a major medical institution. It has a great reputation and I great program from what I can see.

    I am still trying to make my decision and I have a lot of things to consider. I have to decide soon though!!

    Let me know if you have anymore questions.
  10. by   eastcoastbound
    Congrats Lovepink on all the options! Which speciality are you interested in at UMass? Do you know if they award a BSN after completing the first portion? I think that is one aspect of the program I am concerned about.

    Good luck on the decision process.
  11. by   lovepink01
    I was accepted into the adult/gerontology track. They do not award a BSN.