UMass Boston Traditional fall 2018 application

  1. Hi, all.
    I am at the process of applying to UMass Boston for the traditional BSN program for fall 2018.
    Is anybody applying or have applied and have taken the TEAS? Please what's your stats?
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  3. by   gbigab
    I applied to the Umass Boston traditional nursing program for fall 2018 too. I checked my application on 12/18/17 and it say "I decision has been made on your application,expect a letter in 14 business days". Today is 12/23/17,I am still waiting for the letter. Anyone in the same situation.
  4. by   NURSING4LYFE
    Yep in the same boat. Wishing everyone including myself the best of luck!
  5. by   seasons18
    Where do you check your status to see it say a decision has been made?
  6. by   gbigab
    Hey Katex03, I checked on Umass Boston website under admission "status". You will need your application ID and password to check. Good luck.
  7. by   Danijh
    Hi! Same thing happened to me I haven't gotten my letter and my application status said they made a decision for about 2-3 weeks now! I live in Boston so I should get the letter almost immediately once they send it. I think Christmas slows everything down
  8. by   Danijh
    I applied as a transfer! My teas score was an 80, I have all my pre reqs done from a community college my gpa was a 3.8 and I live in Boston. My application status changed and still haven't recieved a letter but I called yesterday and he said it should be here soon and that it was good news! So hopefully that means I'm in
  9. by   gbigab
    Let Us know when you get the letter. I will do the same. My teas score was 77. My gpa 3.9. I am optimistic about getting in.
  10. by   Sabriel
    hi everyone, i applied in October, and my status just changed either sometime today or yesterday to "a decision has been made" - i have a gut feeling i didn't get in. my dashboard hasn't changed, i only see "Home" and a "Financial Aid" tab that i can't access. i have a previous degree in art that i had a 3.4GPA cum laude, and my sciences are a GPA of 3.8. my TEAS was 76. my A/P professor and Ethics professor wrote my recs, and i got A's in their courses.

    i called the admissions office today and the person who answered was rather rude and said they can't look up individual applications or give me any indications on my acceptance... Danijh may i ask you about how you were able to ask about your status? thanks!

    best of luck everyone. <3
  11. by   seasons18
    Hey all. What does it say for your Major when you check your status? Does it say nursing or your second choice (if you picked one)??

    seems like everyone found out last year at christmas time, such a long wait!
  12. by   gbigab
    I came home today to a big package in the mail from Umass Boston College of Nursing and Health sciences. I am in! Wow,i am so excited. Anyone in the house got their acceptance too?
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  13. by   seasons18
    Any updates from anyone?
  14. by   cosro03
    I know someone who got the same "2 week" answer in December, but she has yet to hear anything.

    Has anyone besides gbigab heard back?

    Congratulations gbigab, but I think they rest of us are anxious to hear back.