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  1. Hello! Currently I am a sophomore nursing student out of state and I have recently applied to Salem State University to transfer back in state for Spring 2018. The recommended pre reqs for SSU is A/P I and II , chemistry, and statistics and required GPA of a 3.5. In my current program I have a 4.0 and I have the most of the recommended pre reqs. My school does not offer A/P II, therefore I only have A/P I. Also, I am taking chemistry currently this Fall and will not have a grade until after I already get my decision. I have taken statistics, biology, microbiology, A/P I, sociology,psychology, child development, and also 4 nursing classes among other classes for my current college. I want to know if I still have a decent chance of getting in even tho I dont have A/P II and taking chemistry now. Also, Im taking the TEAs exam, which is required for admissions. Im preparing to take it and I want to know what is a good score to get to be accepted. Im really nervous but I want to get in SOOOOOO bad. Again, I have a 4.0 and other pre reqs I know are important for nursing. Only thing i feel holding me back is not having A/P II, taking chemistry currently , and my future TEAs exam score. Any pointer on the TEAs would really help too. I know this school is competitive and I have major anxiety and cannot wait 3 months just wondering if I did or didnt get in. I have no idea where my chances even are.
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    Hi @sm2017 ! I am also applying to the spring semester and I am also from out of state. by the end of this semester I would have completed all of the pre-reqs for my current state (California). I think since you have a good chunk of the classes out of the way you should be a great candidate. By now I don't know if you took your TEAS yet but, I took my TEAS and I thought it was much easier than expected. In my experience the last writing portion of the exam was hard because I was running out of time. I scored 89 which I think is pretty good and all I did was study sample exam questions I found online. Theres an app you can get and my friend said thats what helped her most. I think if you get an 80 or above you should be good. A lot of people get lower and still get accepted into programs because of their GPA so I think even if you get lower than an 80, with your GPA I think you would still be a competitive student. Anyway, are you applying to any other schools?? good luck to us!
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    Good luck girls!

    I go to SSU and am in my final semester of the BSN program. I am also a transfer. I did not have to take the teas, and I had all of my prerequisites completed before entering the program, so I cannot answer these specific questions, but if you have any others, feel free to ask!

    At this point you should know I think... So did you gals get in??