Reimbursement for Nursing Programs??

  1. i am so glad to find such a great website with valaible information. as a new member, and a newly graduate high school student(june 2007). i am interested in becoming a registered nurse, but i'm very confused. i just don't fit in fanancially, in the other hand i a very determine yound lady who beleive to reach her goal. is there any reimbursment program for nursing in Massachusset. PLEASE HELP ME GET A HEAD START!

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    Congrats on graduating!!

    A few hospitals will pay your nursing loans if you sign on a for a certain amount of time with them (IE: Lahey clinic does this). You also get a "discount" on any Perkins Loans you get once you can show proof of having a nursing job (its like a couple hundred off or something and then the next year you get even more off and so on..) There are a lot of scholarships for nursing too.. But, on the other hand, it is college, and pretty much everyone ends up w/ school loans in the end! But, financial aid counselors @ colleges are usually really great in helping you budget and figure out the payment situation.