Pay in MA?

  1. What is the pay like in MA? I have 2 years of RN experience in Iowa. I am hoping to relocate to MA. What do nurses make out there per hour for someone of my experience?
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  3. by   Ted
    I live in New York, and commute to MA. It's equal distant to where I work in MA and Albany, NY. I make about 3 to 4 dollars per hour more than most hospitals in the Albany area for a person with my years of experience. This is because most hospitals in this area of MA are unionized whereas all hospitals in the Albany, NY area are not.

    Now, I work in a small rural hospital located in the Berkshire Mountain area. (Right now this hospital is widely trying to keep its nurses, and to remain open too. Long story! ) I believe most if not all hospitals on the western side of MA are unionzied. I recently explored work for a couple of hospitals towards central MA. The two hospitals which I considered working at, again, were unioned and offered pretty good hourly rates.

    I make a little over $30.00/hour including eve/night diff (I work 12 hour nights), 12+ years of nursing experience and a BS in Nursing.

    Hope that this is helpful!

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  4. by   telenurse04
    Well, I am 10 years short of your experience. But, thanks!
  5. by   RN123456789
    I just received my license, and got a job in L&D starting at 21.50/hr, not including shift and weekend diff. I am sure with your experience, you will start much higher. Good luck, New R.N.
  6. by   Marnaby
    I just recently graduated from nursing school and I work on an intermediate cardiac floor for $25/hour.