New Grads...tell me about your new job experience

  1. Hi all:

    I start my new job on Monday, I'd like to have an idea as to what to expect during the orientation week. I was wondering what your experiences were...did you guys had to take a med test, did you have classes etc.
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  3. by   DolphinRN84
    I just finished my 4th week of orientation..had a really lousy day today...but overall...the experience is all just trying get your time management skills in long as you have a good preceptor you should be fine. I'm still overwhelmed though. Good luck with your new job!
  4. by   oualie20
    Hi Lena:
    You are always so helpful ! I got through the hospital/nursing on to the floor I go. I'll be starting tomorrow on the floor, I'm excited but of course nervous all at the same time. How are things going with you ?
    Why'd you change your username ?
  5. by   DolphinRN84
    Hey oualie. I changed my username because I don't know..I had a really bad work day last Friday so decided maybe my previous username wouldn't be sounds kind of silly but I'm feeling totally incompetent right now...and feel like I shouldn't be an RN. I don't is going ok. I started the night shift this week. Actually going in at 11 tonight and then going 7p-7a tomorrow then 3 days off!!! I really like my night preceptor. He's awesome...and he has a sarcastic sense of humor so he keeps me smiling the whole shift. Good luck with your orientation! Usually the first week is just about the facility anyways and then you're on the floor next week or something like that. I'm sure you'll do fine!
  6. by   PebsRN
    Hi you two. Lena I know how you feel. Its easy to feel incompetent, my preceptor tells me Im doing good but I dont know if I'll be able to do an assignment solo. I like having someone to ask questions to. Jan. 2 is my first day on my own and my facility dosent do protected time. Good luck to oth of you and Im sure you will be great nurses.
  7. by   oualie20
    Hey ladies:

    I m so glad you two exist and we're going through this together. Today as I mentioned was my first day on the floor. It was o.k. In the morning, I wanted to run the other way to the stairs and out of the bldg. Right now, I have no idea how I'll handle an assignment on my own...I'm sure it'll come in tme but today I felt like OMG !!!!! The good news is eeryone on my unit seems really supportive and willing to help.
    -Lena- you deserve RN behind your name because you worked hard for it and you earned it ! I'm sure we'll all have those days. I like to write things down so I may just start a journal for my life as a nurse...
    Pebely- one correction, we'll all be great nurses...Rome wasn't built in a day.
    Take care guys...keep in touch, please
  8. by   DolphinRN84
    Thanks oualie! I felt exactly like you. It's very overwhelming the first day on the floor. I'm up to 4 patients now and it's going ok (well during the night shift anyways hehe) though it's very difficult during the day...since 4 is the max for us to have BY OURSELVES without an aide. I definitely need to work on my time management skills..but I'm getting there. I'm glad you guys exist too! We definitely need to support each other during these times. Continue to succeed!

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