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I am curious as to where new grads are getting jobs in MA? I am having a tough time finding a postion as a new grad with no experience. I have sent in a number of resumes but no replies. I hit HR at... Read More

  1. by   cb0027
    Beth Is. Needham, Lahey, Winchester, Mount Auburn
  2. by   share
    I'm working in BIDMC Boston now. Just beginning my fifth month. I really love it here. Being a RN is exhausting and tough but I LOVE the people I work with at BIDMC.
    I graduated last year from Taiwan without any working experience. I passed my boards in Feb, started job hunting in May and nailed this job within a month.
    I strongly recommend going to nursing job fairs. I went to the job fair held by Boston works. I handed in my resumes and then I called some recruiters back and got myself some interviews.

    Job fair+aggressive+don't give up is the key.

    Good luck! If I could find a job, I don't see why you would have a problem