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  1. Hello--Any MMQ RNs out there in Central Massachusetts? Wondering about average hourly pay for experienced MMQ nurses in the Worcester area.
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  3. by   nuangel1
    whats a mmq?
  4. by   DMcQueen
    Yes, I'm an MMQ Nurse North of Boston. Feel free to email me and we can chat about salaries.
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  5. by   DMcQueen
    An MMQ is the "Management Minutes Questionairre." It is used for clinical reimbursement in the long-term care setting for residents who are covered by Medicaid as their primary insurer. The MMQ is completed by a nurse and verified by both a Registered nurse and the Administrator of the facility. It is then submitted to the department of medical assistance for auditing.
  6. by   suereb
    this involved in a 180 bed ltc facility in western,ma. williamstown/northadams. i will receive training ?? help
    just took a job as a mmq nurse with no concept of what
  7. by   barbaraa
    What is the learning curve with the MMQ with no experience?
  8. by   barbaraa
    Any information would be helpful and appreciated. Is there a manual or courses for this ? Any web site that would be helpful ?
    How does this differ from MDS ?