MGH Institute accelerated BSN Summer 2012

  1. Hey! Has anyone applied to the accelerated BSN program at MGH starting in May 2012??? If so, do you have any idea when will start hearing decisions??
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  3. by   BostonRobin
    I've also applied. According to their website, we'll receive notification 8-10 weeks from the Nov 1st application deadline. Good luck!
  4. by   psulli2010
    I applied also. From what I've heard, we will probably hear around the beginning of Jan. Good Luck!
  5. by   malmcb6
    Hey guys! Glad to see there are others that applied for our cohort.. I was starting to get nervous because I haven't really seen anyone discussing the program like you see with other schools. Do you guys have any idea what the schedules are like? I know someone at NYU's program and she has long days mon-wed, one class on thursdays and off on fridays.. I know it is usually the luck of the draw when registering for classes but I was wondering if MGH had a similar type of schedule that you know of? I'm from New York but have a lot of friends that live in Boston and they said MGH has a great reputation which is one of the reasons I applied there and I have read everything about the program on their website but I think there is still a lot I need to learn about the program itself.. on the website for mgh it says that tuition is around 53k I was wondering if that was accurate? Any info you guys have would be really appreciated...thanks!!
  6. by   psulli2010
    I know, i was wondering when someone would start talking about the May 2012 class. I know a few people that started this past May 2011, and their schedule is full time each semester. Probably full day of classes monday weds and fri then half days tues thurs or something like that. Not really sure what the daily schedule is like, I just know that they are busy haha. I don't think you register for classes, each cohort has set classes on set days. My friend said she had to take out about $55,000 in loans to pay for MGH. The school has a great reputation and I think it will be worth it in the end! What other programs did you apply to?
  7. by   malmcb6
    I also applied to nyu and was accepted but I'm still waiting to hear from mgh because there is a lot pulling me toward Boston. I really like Boston, my boyfriend lives there and some of my friends from college.. I figured this could be an opportunity to try living in a different city for a while since I've lived in new york my whole life... nyu is a great program though so that is why I just want to be sure mgh is great too if I do get in there...the people you know who started in may do they like it?? also it seems nyu is a bit pricier than mgh so that's something to think about too haha
  8. by   Beekah20
    Hello all! I also applied to this program and am keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck to all!
  9. by   sabine3212
    Hey Everyone, I'm in the January 2012 cohort but applied for last May (2011). Just giving you a heads up (cause I was a basket case last year), you probably won't hear about acceptance until mid-January (I heard somewhere around the 10th). But that all depends on your class size, etc. Just thought you'd like to know so you weren't as stressed over the holidays as I was last year!
  10. by   soontobenurse2012
    Did everyone else get the email yesterday about letters being sent out next week? When do you think well get them?
  11. by   heober03
    I got that email last week as well. I live just outside of Boston so I am hoping I hear within the next few days.
  12. by   lfg4444
    Everyone still waiting to hear? I live in Boston and still have not received anything.
  13. by   BostonRobin
    I live on the South Shore (near Boston) and haven't received anything. Yikes...this is a real nail biter!
  14. by   heober03
    I also live just outside of Boston and have not yet received anything. I am hoping we hear either today or tomorrow since we are now past the 8-10 week period they previously said we would hear by.