MGH Institute accelerated BSN Summer 2012 - page 2

Hey! Has anyone applied to the accelerated BSN program at MGH starting in May 2012??? If so, do you have any idea when will start hearing decisions??... Read More

  1. by   psulli2010
    I'm hoping to hear by tomorrow!! I'm going crazy over here!!
  2. by   heober03
    I sent MGH an email yesterday asking on the status to see if they really sent them out earlier this week as their email said they would. The admissions office wrote me back and said they are still reviewing applications and plan on sending them out today (1/13). It seems like they just keep pushing back when they are actually sending them out.
  3. by   lfg4444
    Wow? Really? Did you e-mail them back by any chance? This is so frustrating!!!!
  4. by   heober03
    No I didn't respond after that. Hopefully this time they really do send them out.
  5. by   snu07
    I just called admissions to confirm. They are still saying that the letters will be mailed today. Hopefully we will hear soon...
  6. by   lfg4444
    wait listed
  7. by   BostonRobin
    I'm in!
  8. by   PublicHealth
    Would you guys mind posting your gpa and stats? I live across the country so I probably won't hear until next week because of the holiday. Thank you!
  9. by   psulli2010
    I got in!
  10. by   BostonRobin
    The wait is torture...hang in there! As far as stats go...I have a B.A. in PoliSci (GPA 3.3) and M.A. in Int'l Affairs (GPA 3.3). My prereqs GPA is 3.98. I worked in Supply Chain Management for global cos. and have also been a small business owner. Over the last few months I quit my corporate job to work as a CNA in a LTAC facility. I also volunteered at MGH. I wanted to make sure that this was the right move before starting an intensive (and costly) nursing program.
  11. by   St3veC

    By any chance did you receive any other letters? I received a wait list letter and in another envelope, an acceptance letter. I'm going to call tomorrow to sort it all it - just wanna hear from everyone here.
  12. by   lfg4444
    Congratulations to everyone accepted!

    No, I only received the one letter. That is awesome though, I would definitely be relieved if I were you!!!!
  13. by   jessicasbf
    I made an account for my girlfriend because she doesn't really use the computer much or visit forums.

    But I think it's good to be connected to others for information/knowledge.

    She just got accepted!