1. Hi,
    Just starting my application for the 2017 Fall entry- wondering if there is anyone else here who is starting too, or anyone from previous years who would be willing to give us some insight?

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  3. by   mcclusky

    This is my top program! Anyone else out there applying for the Fall 2017 cycle?
  4. by   longwayup
    Hi, it's a pretty dead thread right now
    It was my top choice too but I'm not sure I can swing school full time so I am looking at the Simmons BSN that lets you do the BSN portion part time over 2 years
  5. by   mcclusky
    I guess it is early, but as I can tell there isn't a date that the applications "open". I could be wrong but I was able to submit my application.

    That's awesome-I know a Boston NP that graduated from MGH-IHP and said Simmons is a great program.
  6. by   longwayup
    You submitted it already! Wow, look at you! I'm still 4/5 pre reqs away! Did you go to an open house at MGH? Are you applying anywhere else?
  7. by   mcclusky
    Aw, thanks!

    I have more prereqs to take too, but they say on the website that you can apply with pending prereqs so long as there aren't more than 2 left at the time of the deadline.
  8. by   mcclusky
    I'm applying all over: Ut-Austin (NP), OHSU (NP), UNE (ABSN), UPenn (NP), Boston College and UVM (both NP).

    What about you? Penn has a part time program!
  9. by   longwayup
    Hi, No I'm very much Boston based as my kiddos are in school here and husbands job is here- I'm just applying to Simmons and possibly MGHIHP but thats probably it!
  10. by   RNinthemaking4
    I know this is a long shot because no one has posted on here since July, but I am kind of panicking. I logged in late last night to finish up my application and noticed that two of my recommenders haven't completed their parts! One is marked as "started" and the other is marked as "notified." I sent them reminders but given that it's New Years and a weekend I'm afraid they won't get to it on time. Do you guys think I can submit my application before they complete their recommendations?
  11. by   longwayup
    Hey there,
    I decided not to apply to MGH so I'm not really sure but I'm so sorry you're having to deal with that! Sometimes the online systems are not as updated especially given the holidays so maybe they just haven't gotten around to updating things? Plus I would think they would be more forgiving with references...did you get everything else in on time?
  12. by   RNinthemaking4
    Thanks for your quick response! Everything else is done. I'm just so paranoid that if I submit (assuming it allows me to) and pay the $100 they won't look at my application because it's missing recommendations.. That would be a huge waste of money.
  13. by   RNinthemaking4
    Alright, I went to the submit page and it said "application complete" so I'm hoping that means I'm good to go even though two of my recommendations are gonna be late.

    Anyone know if MGH does interviews? I can't find anything about interviews on their website. And when I submitted my application right now it said decision letters will be sent out in 8 to 10 weeks.
  14. by   longwayup
    Sorry, crazy weekend- yay that it's complete! I just got mine in ( not for MGH) too so now I guess we just wait till Feb! I don't think MGH does interviews- I attended an info session last year and they didn't mention it. I'm assuming you're not from the Boston area? I have heard good things about the program mostly and the campus is pretty nice too. They also seem to be one of the few places that gives any scholarship. I ended up choosing to go the BSN route first as I need to take 2 years to do the BSN and that was not really an option at MGH.

    Do you think maybe you could email your references politely and just ask them if they sent the letters in?