MGH IHP ABSN Summer 2018

  1. Hi, Please who is applying to MGH IHP for summer 2018? They keep extending the deadline from Nov 1st to Dec 1st and now Dec 15th. Does any one know if the the date we hear from them will also change?
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  3. by   katie8282
    I applied! No idea when we will hear--I was initially hoping that I'd hear back in January but I am guessing it will be more like 10 weeks from the 12/15 deadline? I can't imagine they can stick to the original schedule.
  4. by   katie8282
    Did anyone else apply? Maybe it was just us two and that's why they keep extending the deadline!
  5. by   kjs91

    I am applying for Summer 2018 as well. I submitted my application on December 1st. It wasn't until last week that I had realized the application date was extended again to the 15th. Hoping it wont take too long to hear back, having to wait until February will be a pain!

    Did either of you apply to any other schools?
  6. by   katie8282
    Just one other. I applied on the 1st too and as I was going over my application I noticed that all of the sudden the date on the NursingCas website switched to 12/15--I just wanted to get it done with though so I just went ahead and submitted.
  7. by   Littleack616
    I applied as well.. not sure when we'll hear anything but hoping for January!
  8. by   abchehabi
    I applied, the deadline changed because I guess many prospective students couldn't get there TEAS scores in time... Good Luck!
  9. by   kjs91
    Good luck to you all!

    Based off of previous posts, it looks like we will not be hearing about acceptances for another 8-10 weeks (from the deadline). So possibly not until mid February.

    Guess we will have to wait and see.
  10. by   arals154
    Hey guys! I also applied before the original December 1st deadline. Hoping we all get in, and that it doesn't take too long to find out their decisions
  11. by   Sam0102
    I also applied before the December 1st deadline. When you contact MGH directly they say that anyone who applied before the December 1st deadline will get a decision before winter break. Anyone that applied after will be selected on a rolling admissions basis until the class is full. MGH's winter break starts December 26th.
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  12. by   kjs91
    I applied exactly on December 1st. Wondering if myself and others that applied on that date will hear before break or be considered rolling admissions hmmm..
  13. by   rvc617
    I have been calling pretty regularly. I applied by the original November 1st deadline. The woman I spoke to said they are trying to get decisions out on the 22nd for those who applied November 1st. The MGHIHP is closed the week of Christmas and New Years, but if they cannot meet the 22nd deadline they will be most likely sending acceptances via email regardless that same week of the holidays. Not too sure about those who applied December 1st or December 15th. Seems like decisions will be going out depending on your original application date. Good luck to all.
  14. by   haileym512
    Hi everyone--I also applied by the November 1 deadline. Really hoping by some miracle they send out decisions earlier than 12/22. I need to make a decision about another school by 12/21 and would like to know my options!