MGH Accelerated BSN Spring 2014

  1. Hello,
    I am new to this forum. I am starting my application for MGH accelerated BSN for Spring 2014. Has anyone applied or planning on applying? Any alumni, what has been your experience so far?

    I have a BS and MBA. I work as a clinical research specialist at a hospital. I took A&P I and nutrition. I am taking micro lab (summer 2013) and A&P II in fall 2013. I have taken other pre requites already.

    Is the MGH program better than UMASS/MCPHS/Curry? MGH ($59K) is expensive than UMASS ($26K), am I looking at the right tuition??
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  3. by   skhan18
    Anyone applying to Spring 2014 accelerated nursing program at MGH? In addition to my above question, some of the courses I took as an undergrad (pre requites at MGH nursing program) have hit the 10 year mark this year. Has anyone had any issues with their course work being accepted if it was 10 yrs or older?
  4. by   skhan18
    Has anyone applied to the MGH IHP accelerated BSN program beginning Spring 2014 (application deadline was July 1, 2013)? Anyone here that went to MGH IHP for the accelerated BSN program, what do you like and dislike about the program? If you could go back, will you still pick MGH IHP or another school?

    Do you need a PCA or CNA certification to get into nursing school? I do not have either but I have experience in Healthcare.

    Any comments or feedback will be much appreciated.

    Thank you!
  5. by   Kiki22889
    Hello! I have applied to MGH as well. I am living in NY now, so I would be making the move for this program. I found the same information in terms of tuition, im not sure why that is but if I dont get into MGH I will most deff. be applying to UMASS. It seems like you have a good background! I have a BS and am currently a Microbiologist.. I have some experience volunteering in the ER back in college. You definitely dont need a PCA/CNA certification to get in, I was enrolled in an accelerated nursing program here in NY this past spring, but due to personal issues I am relocating. Im not sure about the 10 year mark, my suggestion would to be call them- ive been speaking with the admissions office and they are extremely helpful!

    So now we play the waiting game! Good luck
  6. by   amd3863
    Hi Everyone! I have also just applied to the MGH BSN program for spring 2014. I didn't have any classes that had hit the 10 year mark but there was an opportunity to say something about them on the application. And yes, you definitely don't need a PCA/CNA certification to get in, they said no experience necessary!!

    Good luck to everyone!
  7. by   April423Ko
    Hi Everyone!

    I applied to the MGH Accelerated Nursing program 2014! I am really hoping to get in and I am getting so nervous and anxious waiting to hear back.

    As for the ten-year old prereqs, I think if you have only one that is older than ten years, that might be okay. They did have a section where you could waive it. However, if you have multiple prereqs over ten years old, I think they may want you to retake them. At their open information session it seemed like the reason they wanted your classes to be pretty recent is because they don't think you can retain the material if you took the class so long ago (I know I would forget a lot after ten years). They want you to be mentally prepared to go into the accelerated program without having to teach you all of the basics again. I would call them just to make sure. It may be in your best interest to retake them anyway since the program is so vigorous and you do not want to fall behind.

    Best of luck to you and everyone!
  8. by   skhan18
    Hi Everyone,
    Thank you for responding. I completed the wavier form and I got an email with conditional approval for one of the pre req. I do not like the wait game.

    Has anyone completed CPR certification?

    Good Luck everyone!
  9. by   amd3863
    Has anyone heard anything???
  10. by   Jacqkath
    No they said decisions would be made by mid-late August... Glad I'm not the only one who hasn't heard
  11. by   Mr. Skittles
    Quote from Jacqkath
    No they said decisions would be made by mid-late August... Glad I'm not the only one who hasn't heard
    Hey Y'all !! I also applied to the MGH ABSN program for spring 2014...I heard from admissions they were on track for September notifications ...
  12. by   Mr. Skittles
    Just got an email from admissions...."This email is to confirm your updated online application account for MGH Institute of Health Professions. Below is the information you provided when establishing this account..."

    looks like they are getting ready to notify everyone.
  13. by   mchinche01
    I just got an email that decision had been made - I was selected with some scholarship, not sure yet how much $$$ the scholarship is.
  14. by   mlowell20
    I got in!! Anyone else get an acceptance letter today? I couldn't be happier