Medical Esthetic Nursing In Massachusetts

  1. Hi All,

    I am an RN in MA and currently in the beginning stages of opening a skin care shop. I have found loads of information on the field of Medical Esthetic Nursing in other states but not much in Ma. I have found a few operations in Massachusetts run by nurses but no training / certification for nurses in this field.
    I have decided to take the licensing course to become an Esthetician but only because I need the proper licensure/exp. to open up a shop. If I didnt have this license myself I would have to keep someone on staff at all times who did have it.
    Anyhow - Does anyone have any info on this field specific to Massachusetts? The only thing I have found in Ma that comes close to the training found in other states is a course at Catherine Hinds and that does not certify you as a "Medical Esthetic RN" it is an advanced class for Estheticians. I would take the class but It is full time, 5 days / wk for 20+ weeks. I have 3 small kids & just cant be gone that long or I could have a divorce on my hands (oh, add 1+ hour drive to Woburn and back each day)

    Thanks so much for reading, any info will be greatly appreciated.

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  3. by   DDRN4me
    havent heard of any programs...try checking with some local esthetician shops to see if they know of/ can refer you to one..i have seen some with an RN managing, not sure if thats her only role..I think in the Andover area.