MCPHS Worcester Absn Fall 2017

  1. Hi everyone,

    i just wanted to make a thread for Mass School of Pharm Worcester campus for their accelerated second degree nursing program.

    I was recently accepted. It didn't take long after I submitted my application to get response.

    Ill be moving to worcester. Does anyone have any advice on the area, the program (past or current students, also advice on paying for the program.
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  3. by   Nk31

    Congratulations on your acceptance to the program!
    I cannot help much with your question, but would surely like to connect with you. There are some posts here on allnurses regarding mcphs absn program. Try searching that, if that helps!

    I too have applied for some of the Accelerated nursing programs for fall 2017.

    Happy holidays!
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  4. by   Asiyah.futurern
    Happy holidays.

    Have you heard back from them?? Will you be commuting or living there? im debating if I should commute (50 min) or move out to Worcester
  5. by   Nk31
    Hi Asiyah,

    No, I haven't heard anything from them yet. Anxiously waiting! How long did it take after you submitted your application? Were you invited for an interview?

    About the commute, I think it's too early to say, but, since the program is intensive, it's always a better idea to stay nearby.

    Even mine is a 50 mins drive to campus...Are you from around Boston?

  6. by   Nk31

    See if this helps!

    MCPHS in a nutshell
  7. by   Asiyah.futurern
    To be honest not even two weeks. It's the holidays it might take longer. They make their decisions every Thursday. No interview I was just accepted. I'm in western mass. I just think about expensives so any way I can save money. Will you be moving if you get in.. maybe we can stay in contact.
  8. by   Nk31
    That's good to hear. Yes, most probably will be moving if I get in.
    Yes, let's keep in touch.
    What other programs have you applied to?
  9. by   Asiyah.futurern
    A friend of mine that did an accelerated program also said it's best to be closer to the school or live where you have a lot of quiet time to study. 8 just don't think I can do that commute everyday Monday thru Friday so I am 90 percent sure I'll be moving. I will say this I did my application thru nursing cas which I know takes longer because it needs to be verified. I got my letter about a week after they made the decision.

    Northeastern direct entry (waiting)
    simmons direct entry (waiting)
    regis college accelerated (accepted)
    umass amherst ( cost of like 20-22k less because its state school, so if due to cost this is my number one school, just submitted my application a few days ago)
  10. by   FuturePN
    Congratulations! I am in an LPN program in the outskirts of Worcester. Have heard very good things from people who went to MCPHS. I know it's expensive but it's supposed to be a great program. Worcester is very student heavy- between Clark University, Becker, etc... and very hospital heavy as well (MCPHS is right near saint v's and also Umass is nearby)- so I'm guessing that there are plenty of housing options for students. It's a nice little area- I have lived in and around Worcester all my life and I'm 35 Congrats and good luck!!!
  11. by   Nk31
    Hey, even I submitted my application through ncas and may be that's why it's taking longer. I also applied to some of the programs you mentioned above. Wait-listed at Regis (disheartened & disappointed, as I was very much positive after the interview).

    Didn't apply to umass Amherst as I still have to complete 2 prerequisites~ Growth & Dev and statistics. I am planning to take them online through portage. Any suggestions?

  12. by   Asiyah.futurern
    Being waitlisted is better than being rejected. Because I think they look over your application again when they have there second round.

    regis is a good school but I am very up in the air with them because of their statistics. So basically I'll be putting my deposit on mcphs unless of course I get into umass. I went to umass for my undergrad I love the school.

    You can take both of those classes at community colleges I know I did. Umass and other schools are very specific about human growth and development ( it must cover the whole lifespan from conception to death)
  13. by   Nk31
    Ya that's true. I don't know, but I read somewhere that they consider the EA waitlisted applicants with the regular waitlisted ones.
    For now, I am keeping my fingers crossed for Mcphs as I have heard nothing but great things about the college.

    I did check community colleges for prerequisites, but found it to be a bit pricey for non-residents.

    Will surely let you know the decision.
  14. by   Asiyah.futurern
    Yes Regis do consider the early applicants that are waitlisted with the regular desicion applicants. GOOD LUCK!! Try calling but i don't know if they are open today due to the holiday but it doesn't hurt to try.