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Hey, I was accepted a few weeks ago to the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) Worcester Class of 2012 Accelerated Bachelors of Nursing program. I wanted to start a thread... Read More

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    Quote from melissa427

    Does anyone live in on campus housing? I'm stopping by for a visit on Friday (and probably hand in my deposit!), but I was told I'd be unable to take a peek inside the dorms. Just wondering what they were like!

    Hey melissa427 I just sent in my deposit a few days ago for January 2012 for the PostBacc BSN program. I also sent in the room reservation form, however I sent an email to the Residence Life Coordinator to ask if there were still student housing available. If not, I will have to live off campus. I heard that Newton Square is a pretty safe place and rather close to campus if driving.
  2. by   Bcdawber
    I have just been accepted into the MCPHS Worcester program for this fall (which I'm super excited about)! Would anybody from this recent class be able to tell me how the classes are going? Are they extremely difficult? Also how are clinicals? What is the best piece of advice you would give for an incoming student like myself?
    Thank you!
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