MCPHS absn spring 2018

  1. Hi!

    I applied for the mcphs absn program at Worcester and was wondering who else applied out there. Did anyone hear back yet?
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  3. by   Burcu
    hey i applied! i did not hear back yet but i did call and they did say we would receive a decision by the third week of july
  4. by   Kev93
    I applied for the Fall and it was full so they gave me a spot in the spring 2018 start!
  5. by   Burcu
    when did you hear from them!?
  6. by   Derling
    I also applied for the fall but since it was full they sent an email saying I would be considered for spring and I just got the acceptance letter today.
  7. by   Kev93
    Nice congrats @Derling. And it was probably in May I had applied at the end of the application cycle for the fall so they said I could do spring.
  8. by   Burcu
    i got the mail today, got accepted!
  9. by   txd0702
    Hi all,

    Would you guys mind sharing GPA's of your overall degree and pre-req gpa of those who were accepted?

  10. by   Derling
    @ kev93 I sent in my application at the end of June, it said the deadline was July 1st. Are you waiting for other schools or are you definitely going to MCPHS?
  11. by   aboyer71
    Hey! I just sent in my application through NursingCAS, and it was verified yesterday! The deadline is not until October, so I am not sure how long I will have to wait to get a decision :/
  12. by   aboyer71
    Congrats @Burcu!! When did you submit your application? I got an email a couple of weeks ago saying that my application is under review and a decision letter would be mailed to me. I am anxiously waiting!
  13. by   allinonblack
    i submitted my application on July 5th so about a month ago now. any idea when i might get a decision?
  14. by   rurn92
    I haven't heard back either, and I submitted my application around mid-June. :/