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  1. Hi everyone! Im hoping i can get some advice and guidence about nursing school. Ive been a lpn for 19 yrs, prior to that i was a cna for 10 yrs. Ive been researching lpn to rn bridge programs and im completely OVERWHELMED!!! I have no current college courses and every program ive looked into so far requires them. Its not the work im afraid of, its paying for it and the time that i'll need to invest. Im a single mom of three boys, one who is starting college himself in the fall. Because of this,full time is not an option. I really dont know if i can spend the next ten yrs chipping away at classes before im even considred for a bridge program, not to mention paying for it! Getting my RN would be a dream come true for me, but im feeling defeated before i even start! If anyone could point me in some kind of direction id appreicate it! Thanks so much!
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  3. by   lucyt
    Hey Pauline,

    I was just accepted into the LPN to RN evening program at Massasoit CC starting in Sept 09. The program is two evenings a week, Mondays 4:30pm-7:30 and Thursdays 4:30-10ish. The program will run for 3 semesters, so we will finish up in December 2010.
    It took me two years to complete my prereqs. I took 2 classes per semester, and two during the summer sessions. If you chose to take more classes per semester you would get them done sooner. The next program starts up in Jan 2011. You do have to take a entrance exam called the NEAT test and you have to have certain prereqs completed to be considered for the program. The web site at Massasoit has all the information about the program and the NEAT test that you would need. They also have information sessions during the fall months that you would need to attend.
    When I started taking my prereqs I felt that it was going to take forever but the time really goes by fast and before you know you are finished. If I were you I would try to take a summer class to get started as soon as possible.
    I hope this helps