Just got accepted to LRMC for fall 07'!

  1. Hello, everyone! After my interview, Im very excited to say that i got into LMRC. I will be starting my clinicals right away for fall 07'. Luckily i had all of the pre-reqs done, so i will be able to focus more on clinical time! Anybody else out there that got accepted also? And.. is it okay to be a little bit nervous before you start?? Any words of advice, would be greatly appreciated. Im so happy to be able to have this opportunity, i respect all of you nurses, with everything you do, and can't wait to be a nurse! :spin:
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  3. by   GottaGetIn
    Good Luck to you!!!

    How did you find out you were accepted? Did they send you a letter or tell you after your interview?

    I got call from Hattie last week to schedule an interview but I had to tell her I accepted a spot at another school.

    I've heard NOTHING but wonderful things about LMRC. I'm on the NH/MA border so it was a little bit of a drive for me. I'm definitely considering this school for my BSN.