Job opportunities for ADN new grad?

  1. Dh and I will be moving to Boston or Atlanta for his job. Boston is a better choice for him but from what I've been reading here, not so good for me. I will be graduating from an ADN program and going directly into an RN-BSN program wherever we go. I would have to have a job in the Boston area because dh would have to be within minutes of his job. What jobs are ADN nurses getting if any?
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  3. by   gerry79
    At my hospital (Beth Israel) they do hire ADN's. But as a whole new grads are having a hard time finding jobs. I know that Beth Israel and St Elizebeth have new grad positions advertised on there web sites.. Some hospitals only have new grad programs twice a year. Good luck in your search!
  4. by   MacNinni
    I am a New England nurse, with licenses in ME, NH, MA and CT. I have 11 years experience as an ADN. I have NO PROBLEM finding work anywhere. There is a nursing shortage. ADN or BSN is never discussed. MA pays the best. I could work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, if my body could handle it.
  5. by   MacNinni
    PS. I have worked at Brigham & Women's, Faulkner, Cambridge, Whidden (Everett, MA), MetroWest Natick and Framingham, University of Massachusetts Memorial, etc. I have done all of these, except The Brigham, through local agency. And, over and over, for years.
  6. by   soko2002
    Thank you so much for your replies. I have always wanted to live in Boston. I was getting a little worried about job prospects there. This makes it much easier to support dh's first pick. Dh told me that I get the final say for our first choice. He will list Atlanta as his first choice if that is what I want but I know he wants to go to Boston.
  7. by   MacNinni
    You may want to consider doing agency work, once you have enough experience. It allows you to pick and choose what you want for a schedule, and specialty. Also, it pays better. Agencies offer health insurance, too, of course at a higher rate. One I recommend is Diversified Staffing Group. They have offices in Boston, Natick, Worcester, Providence, RI, Manchester,NH, and Portland, ME. You can see them online, too. I am still employed by them, even though I am on a travel assignment in Florida now. When I go back to New England, I'll begin working for them again. Good Luck.