Is Experience Necessary?/Applying into the Nursing program

  1. Hi All!!
    I just got accepted at a community college. My degree program is called Allied Health (until I can apply into the nursing program next year). My advisor told me that I could get straight As and still not get into the nursing program if I do not have any experience in the health care field. (I do know that the nursing program is extremely competetive) I have been applying to any and all open positions in which I am qualified for in the area hospitals...but I am thinking of going to get my CNA. Does anyone have any stories to share as to whether or not experience truly helped get them into the nursing program?

    Thanks in advance!!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Get an appointment with an advisor for the nursing program. They should be willing to go over the application worksheet with you so you can see how many points are provided for each area. Some programs give points for having a CNA certificate, while others require paid CNA work, and others still make the CNA certificate a requirement just to apply. Each school has their own requirements so it is a good idea to see what each entails so that you can prepare to apply to several programs.
  4. by   bebahloo
    I had spoken with advisors with a few schools a while ago and some do not officially require you to have experience in the healthcare field but may use it as a "weeding out" tool to narrow down applicants. I know a lot of schools require letters of reccomendation and so on . The school that I have been attending and have been accepted to does not do any of that. Thus, the reason I chose this school. I go to Bristol Comm. College in Fall River. They go only by grades. They make it very clear at the orientation that they do not want to see letters or anything like that. They even said seriously don't bother because they will put them right in the trash. They do not have a wait list either. You need to apply every year. I think this is good because if you didn't get in the first time you can always work harder and have a better chance to compete the next time.