Is 59 is too old to make this kind of career change?

  1. I have been an LPN for 32 years. I am now 59 years old ( oh my that sounds old) Anyway, as a lot of nurse I am burnt out and have been for sometime. I have been thinking for the remainder of my carrer, I would like to go to school to become a PTA. Do you think 59 is too old to be making this kind of career change? Also, does anyone know if my LPN experience could/ would count for anything in the way of cutting down some of the classess one needs to take? Possibly clepping some classes?? I am also reseaching to see if some of the program can be taken online. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated and please don't hold back on the ''age'' thing.........LOL
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  3. by   hopefulRN'17
    Nope. It is NEVER too late for anything. GO for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   shegal57
    I started nursing school at the age of 53. I finished in December and have been working as an RN since June..I'm now 57 years old. I agree with hopeful RN17....go for it!
  5. by   NeoPediRN
    I am being totally honest here....I'm not sure it will be worth it for really depends on what kind of nursing you see yourself doing. The big Boston hospitals are super political and the job market is really saturated out here. If you are willing to move out of state or want nursing home/office nursing then I say go for it. This has nothing to do with your age, I say the same thing to everyone considering nursing in MA.