i need more info about quinsigamond adn program

  1. please does any one know about how they accept students in the adn program in quinsigamond cc. i also would like to know about how long they waitlist up coming student. i have just applied to the school as a transfer student with almost all the nursing prereqs except developmental psych. and am preparing to take the teas v next month.
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  3. by   Isnowboard19
    Hey man! I just graduated from QCC's nursing program. The school uses a wait list as opposed to taking entrance exams, other classes to make you look like a good candidate etc which I think is a good thing. The downside is that I got on the waitlist in 2010 and it was a 2 year wait but I was able to get all my prereqs out of the way......not sure how long the wait is now.

    They have 2 different types of programs here. The day program is a traditional 2 year ADN program for people that are coming out of high school or don't have any prior degrees. The evening program is accelerated and is for paramedics, LPNs, and people that already have a bachelors degree in another field and its about 15 months long and it is intense (I did the evening program).

    If you can, I would suggest getting on the waitlist, the RN programs at this school are awesome and every one of the nursing professors are dedicated to helping you succeed (it's also really really cheap, I paid maybe 15k for the whole program?). We've also had students from other nursing schools in the area that have transferred here and said that our program was much more supportive than where they transferred from.

    Good Luck!
  4. by   doug89
    thank you very much. i also would like to know if they accept students every semester or yearly for the program.
  5. by   Isnowboard19
    I think you can get accepted onto the waitlist for either program whenever......I think the day program starts every September as well as the evening program. If you're an LPN or paramedic doing the evening program, you take a crash course in fundamentals in December/January and join up with rest of the evening program when the 2nd semester begins in the second half of January....... Your best bet is to go make an appointment or email the nursing director at the school
  6. by   Becca8754
    Hi! I know this is an old post however I am trying to get more info on the evening program. I have my bachelors degree in criminal justice from Worcester state. I also have completed all the prerequisites. Just looking for more info since the school doesn't provide much. I have contacted a few offices and the director of nursing. Kind of scared of how fast past the program is. Would love more information please message me if you get this!
  7. by   Kaleighh

    I know this post is a couple years old but i was just wondering if you ever got into the school, and if you did how long did you have to wait ?! Im going to be applying to be put on the waitlist soon so I was just wondering how long I'd be looking at!
  8. by   PMHNPonTheMaking
    Hello I'm just bumping the post up as I need more answers for those who did the Lpn-RN bridge please.... Thanks