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Hi I'm a RN from MAryland,,do you know what I have to do to be able to work in is the job market out there for new grads?? I feel so discouraged not being able to find the job in... Read More

  1. by   nurse invictus
    Ironically, a few months ago I was I hired full time at a place where I had interviewed before when I first got to Boston and DON said no back then b/c my colleagues all had 5-7 yrs exp. and I needed my exp to measure up to theirs.

    Also that first interview was a horrible interview for me ! Yikes! I froze when she asked me about participating in a code before. It's amazing how 6 mos-7 mos more exp makes. The second time that I had re- applied to this job, I was WAY more confident b/c I had exp w/ acute pt's decompensating severely to draw upon. So although I've never been apart of an actual code in my last 6 mos., I had certainly grown a pair of "cahones" and felt confident to jump in and do CPR and whatever it takes to stabilize my pt. So, my interview w/ the DON went really well the second time. She said that she was really impressed and hired me a couple weeks later.

    Again I reiterate! Do not give up! Even if it requires reapplying again later, they will hire you! (My brother asked me what gave me the courage to reapply to a job that I didn't get before, and I realized that everyone, even DONs have to start somewhere. It just takes one person to believe in your potential. That first person is you. You need to be confident in your skill set and exp and just let that shine in the interview.)

    Just me confident in your skills and be proud to be a nurse! Have patience and persevere !