how is MPI in Malden for the LPN Program

  1. I am looking into getting my LPN and found MPI in Malden and they seem to be one of the only schools without a wait list or that you can only start once a year..I am very intrested in this school and would like to start in January But I am just trying to get any info that I can on the program,what is the schedule (they said it was a mix of days and evenings), how are the teachers and the program? how much was tuition ? did they have fincail aid? If anyone has attend this LPN program or is in it now and could tell me any info that would be great.
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  3. by   21police
    I am currently in this program I only have 8 more weeks. I am not a huge fan of some of the teachers or the director of the program. This is not to say the program is a complete sham. There are some amazing teachers still there and part of your education. The program is the absolute most expensive in the state and yes they do have FA but still it might not cover everything, and right now its about 23,000 it was 20,000 when I started. The communication and organzation at the school is ridiculous, but if you can get over that, than essentially you can be a nurse in a little over a year. Good Luck in your search!!!
  4. by   mlg8
    How about the day evening schedule? did the let you know at the start and how many days of each did you do? Thanks for your info.
  5. by   21police
    herein lies the problem they will tell you one thing and then change it last minute, if you have the flexiblity like I do then no problem. For the majority of the year we had class at night and clinical during the days on thur, fri but we did have one round or 3-11 clinicals on both thur and fri.
  6. by   mlg8
    Thats what I was afraid is mostly a night program with clinical during the day. Clinicals on Thur. Day and Clinicals on Fri. form 3-11.. was this a problem for a people because it would be for me seeing has I have kids.Hmmm thanks for the info again now I will really have to think about this program.. because I know is alot of money for an LPN program but I could over look that seeing as how I would be able to start so soon.. but the schedule thing thats another problem.
  7. by   21police
    You can still go, they have numerous start times throughout the year now. It was a problem for the students with kids, I don't have children yet which is why it wasn't a problem for me. But again just something else to consider is all. The cost of the program is ridiculous now. I've made this program worth my while by taking in all I can and not letting things bother me. If you can keep this stance than all the luck to you!!!! Good luck in either road you decide to take!
  8. by   24shift
    Hi how did u make out with MPI? any advice, suggestions? i start at the end of august 2011 for the lpn program--so excited...
  9. by   sMoLsNurse
    As a former graduate of MPI, I agree with everything 21police said. When I went there tuition was 18k. It's ridiculous that they've gone up 5k in a year, because they know they can get away with it. Some of the teachers there are wonderful some of them could probably learn a lesson in etiquette and how to teach. They are very last minute with everything, you MUST be flexible. I made it through and I definitely would not recommend it to anyone, mostly because you can get a better education for a 3rd of the price. The director of nursing is not all there, in fact you could have a conversation with her and she'd forget it 20 minutes later. I wouldn't wish for my worst enemy to go here.
  10. by   POSTAL GIRL
    just wondering if anyone has any updated info on mpi in malden..fulltime, parttime, the schedule, the cost? thank you
  11. by   sMoLsNurse
    Oh gawd... Where to start.. I graduated from there in May 2011. I'm not sure how they are now or if they have their stuff together. I believe their current cost is about 24k+ now. It's fairly easy to get in. It's just really if you want to spend the money on it.