Honestly what's the job market for RNs?

  1. hi everyone,

    I am considering to make a career shift. I love patient interaction but I also like working on clinical trials. Reading all the posts and blogs here-it kind of scares me that after getting a nursing degree I may not be able to get any job here at MA. ( FYI- I am currently employed).

    I really need some good advice and direction.

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  3. by   sbostonRN
    It really depends on a combination of factors. Right now I would go for the BSN if you're thinking of going back. Pretty soon it will become the standard. Even the nursing home where I work is pushing all LPNs to go back to earn their RN. So it's always a push towards the next level. Next, it's all about flexibility and persistence and even then it's partly about luck and who you know. Try to get your foot in the door early by working as a CNA, unit secretary or other unlicensed personnel. Yes, the job market is tough but I was able to find a job that hired me before I even passed NCLEX. I'm not working at one of the big Boston hospitals like I intended, but I'm working on a subacute floor in a rehab/nursing home and I LOVE it. My patients are fantastic and I love being a nurse and I learn tons of new things every day. I would definitely recommend becoming a nurse, but you just have to be realistic about the job market and prepare for it. I went to an ASN program and most of the people who have passed NCLEX (many haven't taken it yet) have jobs somewhere in Mass.
  4. by   sutanuka
    thank you sbostonRN for your reply.
    I am thinking of applying to a direct- entry program since I already have a master's in microbiology behind my back. do you think it's the right way to go?

  5. by   ebits
    I agree with what sbostonRN said... a lot of hospitals, especially the major ones in Boston, are requiring you to have your BSN. The job market is very tough for new nurses. I would also recommend getting a job as an aide at a hospital while you're in school, this will get your foot in the door and you will be able to apply for jobs as an internal employee which gives you an advantage. I wish I had done that while in school! My friends who did were able to find jobs pretty quickly while I struggled.