Does anyone currently attend Laboure College for their nursing program?

  1. Hi, im 21 years old currently taking courses for nursing programs. I would like to apply there and I've heard negative things in the past about the school, i was wondering is there any updates and how is it like now? also what type of grades do you need to get accepted ?

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  3. by   Luli726
    Don't do it! I am currently a student there and have sent out applications all over the place just to get out. The school is not run well at all, very expensive and quite honestly not worth it. Some might disagree, but just wanted to share my opinion with you as I wish somebody had for me!! Good luck!
  4. by   NursingStudent12109
    I dont think its that bad (maybe because I havent started clinicals yet) but its not as of yet...

    Luli726 why do you feel that way? Please give me some insight!
  5. by   jm1988
    thanks ... yeah i just want opinions even though i think this is where i will end up at .... what type of grades did u guys have before you got into laboure? is it hard to get into? i know you need BIO and Algebra, but do they look at other grades as well?

    and nursingstudent12109, what are you taking now? gen eds or career courses?
  6. by   NursingStudent12109
    jm1988, I am taking my gen eds by choice. Once you take your A&P you and a few others you can start your NUR100 if it is the year you acceptance letter states.... meaning if you get accepted and it says something along the lines of youve been accepted into School of Nursing for 2011 or something thats when you can start your career courses so my advise is do all the gen eds you can! There are trimesters so it gives you more time to get more done.... most of the classes are only taken for a semester anyways.

    Oh by the way be prepared to be ****** that you cant transfer any A&P or MICRO grades from another school!

    I dont think it was hard to get into, just a somewhat long process (needing to take a placement test andif youve been out of school for a while, things on there you wouldnt remember which puts you in remedial classes which I in the end tested out of)
  7. by   jm1988
    yeah im aware of not transfering A&P, which im taking now, i guess i will have to take the test and see if i can test out of them, im trying to start there for the winter of 2010 after i finish with Algebra, ive takin enlish comp, psych, world lit, and i will be taking human and growth in the summer. i just hope i get accepted because i would like to try this school.
  8. by   NursingStudent12109
    i would suggest finding out if you can transfer those and would it be worth it if you cant!
  9. by   jm1988
    i talked to the guy over there and he said i can transfer in about 4 classes... so hopefully i can but right now ill just be working on my math to get in! so i hope to see you there
  10. by   kiki617
    Hi JM1988,
    Just curious if you started at Laboure yet? I was accepted last summer and was trying for some accelerated RN programs, but havent had much luck with those. My acceptance is only good until about July so I really need to decide and I'm having a hard time because I havent read too many positive things about the school? If you've started can you tell me about how its going, how are the classes, are you getting into the classes you need or do they all fill up? Like you I will have a lot of transfer classes, did you end up passing the test for AP and Bio? How was the test in general? Sorry so many questions, would really really really (!) appreciate your feedback!
  11. by   TaylorBean
    Hi kiki617 ,

    I too have been having a difficult time getting into accelerated programs (sooo competitive). I have a previous bachelor's degree and wanted to do the 16ish month program for BSN but have found myself looking into 2-year programs instead. I also was accepted to Laboure for Fall 2011 and I have until July to decide. I met with many people when I visited, however I got a weird feeling that I was being scammed of my previous education credits that should normally be able to transfer over. Ever since I met with them I have not mailed in a decision, however I have looked into Quincy College's program since I have been taking some pre-reqs there. You do have to score very high on the Allied Health test, however you have three times to take it and they take your highest score out of each 3 sections. I find that Quincy's Program has wonderful reviews and the students that are in the program who I have met from pre-req classes are very happy. And.. its way cheaper than Laboure. Laboure's program is 3 years (if they have spots for you), rather than Quincy which if you are accepted is a continuous curriculum with your "class".

    Hope this helps by sharing my experiences! At least we have Laboure as an option should we not get in anywhere else! :0)
  12. by   kiki617
    Thanks for the advice. Does Quincy have an app deadline or rolling admissions? Is it just as competitive as other programs? Laboure def makes me worried, and i feel they accept everyone. Unfortunately I havent received much feedback on this site about it, recently anyways. Good luck on your apps.
  13. by   ely08
    Hi everyone:
    I was reading the reviews for Laboure College and quiet serious that I am really doubting. Anyway my App. was sent in already and I was told to wait for an answer. I have completed my pre-reqs. at another college, btw I am applying for the 2 yr. Nursing Program. I am not sure if they would take my SC. courses (A&P I and II and Microbiology) Please let me know how the process is and if there are any other choices. I am not from MA so I really need help...
    Thank you.
  14. by   RN_SummerSeas
    I do not go to this school but one of my professors is also a prof. there as well. She is a bit out there but all in all a good teacher, she has a lot of knowledge and cares if students pass which is more than I can say about my other Prof. and clinical instructors!!!

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