Does anyone currently attend Laboure College for their nursing program? - page 3

Hi, im 21 years old currently taking courses for nursing programs. I would like to apply there and I've heard negative things in the past about the school, i was wondering is there any updates and... Read More

  1. by   kimhuynh
    Oh I get what you're saying, in the conversation I was having above I was talking about yearly not total!
  2. by   Bostongirl21
    I just applied to the nursing program and I was wondering what the average gpa is for acceptance? I'm a bit nervous because I really want to get into the program!!!
  3. by   kimhuynh

    i think it depends are you a high school graduate?? Or college transfer?

    Im a college transfer with a 3.12 gpa of mostly science credits, i personally think you should call the school set up a meeting with an advisor, this will boost your chances of getting in even more if you have a low gpa. With that being said i got accepeted witnin 1 week of applying!

    They also do on the spot decisions
  4. by   Bostongirl21
    I just graduated with my bachelors last month with a 3.25 gpa. I hope that's enough to get in! Congratulations!!! When do you start the program? If I get in, I plan on starting in January.
  5. by   kimhuynh
    If thats the case i think you should have no problem with getting in! Although since you already have a bachelors have you thought about accelerated nursing programs?

    i start this september! I already signed up for classes so excieting !
  6. by   Bostongirl21
    How long did it take for you to hear back with an acceptance? I'm also going to look into accelerated programs as well.
  7. by   kimhuynh
    I think i applied around feburary and heard back with an acceptence email within 1 week later