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Hi, im 21 years old currently taking courses for nursing programs. I would like to apply there and I've heard negative things in the past about the school, i was wondering is there any updates and... Read More

  1. by   kiki617
    Have you decided yet? I have a meeting at Laboure today...
  2. by   antdalas
    Quote from jm1988
    Hi, im 21 years old currently taking courses for nursing programs. I would like to apply there and I've heard negative things in the past about the school, i was wondering is there any updates and how is it like now? also what type of grades do you need to get accepted ?

    Best wishes
  3. by   laboure1
    Hi everyone, full disclosure - I am a senior cabinet member at Laboure College. I would just like to add to this conversation. The College has this past year undergone significant changes: disaffiliating from Steward Health Care becoming independent for the first time and moving to a brand new campus in Milton.
    Throughout this change, we also polled our students and alumni and addressed their most important concerns: 1.) There was a concern that the College was run poorly - that there was not communication between offices and that different people told students different things. This has been addressed by combining all student offices into a new One-Stop center and streamlining our processes. Now a student only has to go to one place to get their questions answered and problems solved. 2.) We have heard you, and this Fall we are accepting transfer credits for A&P as well as Microbiology.
    Two new Vice Presidents have been hired, one in Student Enrollment and one in Academic Affairs. They are exceptional and were specifically hired because of their strong, student-centered philosophies.
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  4. by   kimhuynh
    I am also 21 and i am currently in a situation very similar to you. To give you some info, I am currently a biology major at framingham state univeristy, my concentration was pre medical. so with that said ive taken A&P I & II , micro, intro to bio, a bunch of chem classes, a bunch of math classes. I am a sophomore here. & my total GPA is 3.08 , ive got all B's A's and 3 C's in total of all my classes. organic chemistry killed my GPA

    I got accepted within 1 week of submitting my application, the only placement test I have to take is arithmetic.

    This is one of the best programs that I found because for one. the PRICE is only around $30,000, i don't know why people are complaining I have not found a BSN program cheaper.. other schools are $50,000 and up. i currently pay $20,000 at FSU.

    All the staff have been very helpful & responsive with my transfer credits (I just send them my syllabus)

    from what I know, they will easily accept A&P I & II , micro, math classes, gen ed courses, but you need to take at least 45 credits IN LABOURE (this is very common, you cant simply go to a school take 3 classes and get a degree from that school)

    I love their program over others because for one once you become a BSN RN. you have an advantage over other programs because you will have 2 years of RN experience while the other people at other schools will not have that on their resume but clinical hours. plus we are already 21 and we want to make money ASAP,

    Ive got accepted into simmons, BC, northeastern, Curry, & bay state and I went with laboure because of their 2+2 program was very appealing.
  5. by   RN_SummerSeas
    I am not sure what you are saying exactly-you like FSU or Laboure? How exactly do you get two years of RN experience? You pass the NCLEX before you graduate?
  6. by   kimhuynh
    Well I do like FSU but they do not offer a RN program, I loved the pre medical at FSU, FSU only have RN-BSN program. therefore I had to transfer somewhere else to get my RN.

    At laboure you HAVE to pass your nclex to move into the BSN portion of the program so, let's say you choose to work part time , by the time you graduate with a BSN you will have 2 years of RN experience. But if you choose not to work then of course you won't have that RN experience, I think this program really sets you up good by allowing you to have your RN while getting a BSN
  7. by   kimhuynh
    So basically in 2 years you sit for your nclex , at this point you can choose to continue with the BSN or you can graduate with an ADN and have your ceremony
  8. by   RN_SummerSeas
    I see, but you know you can really do that in a number of ways. I got my ASN/RN went right to work and enrolled in UMB for the 5 classes needed to get my BSN, so a similar situation as I graduated CCCC and attend UMB @ CCCC while working. That seems to be the way of ASN programs, to have an ongoing into a BSN seamlessly. My prof worked at both CCCC and Laboure, not sure if she still does but she was amazing! So have you sat your RN/NCLEX already and are working? Does the school set you up with employment? Sounds like a pretty good program.
  9. by   kimhuynh
    What is cccc? I'm pretty new to many of the different ways of obtaining a BSN!

    no I just got accepted to laboure, I'm still a shopmore at FSU finishing up this semester, I orginally wanted to be an OBGYN until I shadowed one at tufts and I didn't like it at all I like what the NP & RN's were doing instead,

    being a a sohpmore already I just really wanted to find a program that will allow me to work quickly! Which was laboure !

    I'm not sure if they set you up with employment, I think if you work 16 hours a week at a steward hospital they pay 25% of your tuition back
  10. by   RN_SummerSeas
    Didn't they separate themselves from Steward? Maybe they still have ties. Not sure. If you are a sophomore with most if not all of your pre-reqs done wouldn't you rather transfer into a BSN program? I would think with all your courses and 2 years of college you should be able to transfer into a BSN program and finish in 2 years ready to sit the NCLEX with your baccalaureate degree. Unless I am misunderstanding your plans-you are going to go to Laboure for 2 years to get your ASN and sit the NCLEX and then work and do 2 more years for your BSN? Did the other schools you applied to (which are BSN programs I believe) want you to do more than your 2 years? If you got your BSN in 2 years you could sit the NCLEX and get a job while going for your NP
    Whatever you decide, good luck, nursing rocks and I hope you love it!
  11. by   kimhuynh
    I think I'm not sure haha, and no all the programs that I applied to with my 2 years of pre reqs they all want me to do 3 years, some 3 & half since it's how the clinicals are set up and you need to take certain nursing courses before you can get into another, I am thinking of getting my ADN at laboure then work for 2 years then go for the ADN to np , I honestly don't mind like the school part when I can work

    thanks! You too!
  12. by   briRN boston

    Just wanted to add some input. I saw you said that Laboure was 30,000 total. I don't know who gave you that price but that is NOT the case. The nursing courses alone are 10,000 each - and you have to take 4, so thats 40,000 right there. And unless you did all your gen eds somewhere else (and some you have to take at the school) the total is more like 50,000-60,000. I graduated there May 2014.
  13. by   kimhuynh
    Hey, that was in my Finacial aid package that laboure gave me, yes I did most of my gen eds already I only have 5 that I need to complete, and the 4 nursing course left