Do I stand a chance?!

  1. Hi,

    I have a BS in pyschology and have already completed 4 graduate level courses, been accepted to a M.Ed. program for Mental Health/School Based but have decided that I really want to be a nurse.

    I'm signed up for A&P I this spring and on my way to completeing pre-reqs for a BSN program at Umass Boston.
    Although I have not applied to the program yet, I'm concerned because my overall undergrad GPA is a 2.98. Although my graduate level coursework cum GPA is a 4.0. My first two years as an undergrad were not very good b/c I was young and did not apply myself, but my junior & senior yr I did a lot better.
    If I get A's on all my pre-reqs, do I stand a chance to be accepted into UMass Boston?? I also have one year experience working as a mental health outreach counselor with MAP training in administering medications.
    What can I do to improve my chances for acceptance?

    THANKS!!! :spin:
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  3. by   karma482

    It is really hard to get into any RN program now. However, there is a new program in Worcester that offers a BSN in Nursing to those who have a bachelor's degree already in something...

    I graduated from this program, and am now a registered nurse after 16 more months in school on top of my bachelor's degree. In fact, they are still accepting applications and need more people for the program. Visit their far as the prereqs to get in, the admissions office is very flexible, they can replace one pre-req with another one you took, as long as they are somewhat related. The website is

    Good luck!
    Liz, RN, BSN
  4. by   soxfan80
    Hi there,

    You could contact Umass Boston to inquire about the gpa of their admitted class for the past year to see how competitive you would be if you apply.

    If you are doing well in your science coursese (A&P) etc, you could also ask if they look at your science gpa more than your overall cumulative. Don't be afraid to ask questions of Admissions people at UMass

    Curry College also has an acclerated BSN program (16 months)--and their deadline is in March 2008 for the Jan. 2009 entering class.

    I got my bachelors in Sociology in 2002 and then got and then completed an M.Ed. program even though I KNEW I wanted to be a nurse. I was too impatient to go through and take the pre-req courses like A&P, chem, microbio, but I wish I had done that rather than complete an M.Ed. and then still want to get into nursing! (My undergraduate GPA was 3.48 and my grad GPA was 3.89)

    I was accepted for spring 2008 program at LM/Regis nursing program, so I have resigned from my job in education!

    Good luck!!!
  5. by   RN Hopeful in MA
    Thank you SO much for your suggestions!
    I am attending an info session at UMass Boston and will inquire about their pre-reqs & admit requirements.
    I believe they have a special inter-transfer program where if you take 12 credits at UMass and want to transfer into the nursing program, your GPA from the 12 credits taken at UMass is weighed more heavily than previous credits at other institutions.
    I will also look into that Worcester program!

    Thank you!!