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  1. just ready to send my application-I'm looking for anyone who attended the program-feedback on the quality of the program and job search after graduation-so new at all of this-sjust finishing Micro and anatomy II but I'm hearing that a 4 year program is what I should be doing-any advice? Jeannie
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  3. by   sumdae
    Hi, me again. Do you know about the accelerated second-degree BSN programs?? If you already have a bachelor's in another field, you can get your BSN in 18 mos. I'm attending Curry College (applications due in April - ACCEL program). I also was accepted to a similar program at Simmons. There are opportunities at Regis in Weston, Mass College of Pharmacy in Worcester, and Northeastern (although it is a longer program).

    The main difference in the schooling is the expense - Curry will be about 30K for the 16-month program. I knew that even if I attended BHCC and got an ADN that I would go on to get my BSN at a later point, so it seemed better to just get it done even if it meant a lot of student loan debt. There are tons of posts on this website about ADN vs. BSN. It's a major debate, I personally want to keep educating myself in the future and get a MSN, so this was the major factor in my decision.
    There are also "direct-entry" programs which are typically 3 years - you earn a MSN. Simmons, NEU, and MGH for health professions have programs. Even more $$ and also controversial b/c graduates have a Masters, but not enough experience.

    Here are links to the BSN program websites if you're interested:
    Curry College
    Undergraduate Nursing - Simmons College
    BSN Nursing 16-month Post-baccalaureate Program (Worcester and Manchester), Overview
    Nursing at Regis College - 3 years
    http://www.bouve.neu.edu/programs/nurbs/nurbshome.php - Upper Division Transfer BSN
  4. by   jrv100
    I just got accepted for this Spring 07. I have a BBA, an MBA and a JD. I will probably be going on to be a CRNA eventually. The cost of the ASN program is silly low. I was looking at accelerated programs at Duke, UF, UPenn, Johns Hopkins and a few others. I opted to go for Bunker Hill ASN evening so I can work. I'll graduate about 4 months later and save about 35k.

    So far I have loved the service I have gotten. I don't know the quality of the program..but I have heard it has a good rep.
  5. by   BSNRNBC
    I would also recommend applying to other ADN programs as well. Such as middlesex CC or massasoit if possible. I used to go to bunker hill, had a 3.5 GPA, got a 88 overall score on the TEAS and still didnt get in. When I was there 2 years ago, there were 600 applicants for 32 spots. If you test well, have a prior degree, then you have a better shot.
    I opted to go the more expensive route. I now attend a diploma program, and although expensive, I didn't want to wait 2 more years to get into community college.
    Good Luck!
  6. by   butch228
    Hey everyone...

    Anyways..I'm a graduate of the BHCC program ..back in 2002....I have a Bachelors in another field...I was in my early 30's ..and the cost savings are quite significant compared to BSN accelerated programs. If you're looking to save $$, go to BHCC..earn some money..take an RN-BSN program ..and use tuition reimbursement.

    As for the quality..I thought it was unexpectedly high..the exams were tough..for comparision....I'm a Bio major from a reputable Univ of Calif school...and I just finished my Masters program at MGH IHP, work at MGH( which is famous for only taking BSN nurses!)....and I still thought those nursing exams at BHCC were kinda tough!!

    My class was small. It was the evening program..and we only had 6 students..and of course ..we all passed the NCLEX.