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  1. Hi,

    I really would like to know about BMC? How are they to new grads? The atmosphere? Do you like it? Will they take new grads? I would really love to work there. What is the starting pay? Is it a lot to park?
    Please help.....

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    bump ... somebody must know something
  4. by   mrs/mom/rn
    Each unit is different. They have a special program for new grads. You have special orientation and classes. I believe that they want you to start in the float pool so you can experience the different units. They are part of mna and you get step raises annually. I believe you start at about 25/hour and at step 16 you make 60/hour. There are different parking rates for different shifts. I work nights and pay 9.5o a week. I like working there and I like most of the people. Hope that helps
    Thank you so much......... Wouldn't a float pool be confusing for a new grad??

    I think I am going to try to get a clinical there.

  6. by   mrs/mom/rn
    It depends. Some people have loved it and some have started working as a float pool, but decided to switch to a particular floor quickly. The orientation for new grads is comprehensive and the clinical instructors keep in close contact with new grads during the orientation and the beginning of their assignments. The problem with sticking to one floor is you learn only what that floor specializes in. Even the medical floors tend to specialize to specific types of patients. As a float pool nurse if go to tele- you get non-tele patients. If you float to medical you do not get pd,vent,tb,or eeg patients. We just got a new contract. A new grad starts at 27.70 as of Feb 5. 3.55 for perm evenings, 5.05 for perm nights.
  7. by   Erica1019
    I had a clinical at BMC and I had an awesome experience. I will admit, some of my classmates didnt have as good of an experience as I did...but personally I feel they were very helpful...the nurses, doctors, residents....I would work there in a heartbeat!
  8. by   rnaffah
    Hello,I am plannimg to work in Boston as a foreign RN in NICU,where do you suggest me to work and about the salary rate or recruiters?

    Regards,and good luck for everybody