Boston College vs. MGH IHP direct entry-- pros and cons?

  1. Hi everybody!

    I have just been accepted to the Women's Health direct entry programs at Boston College and women's health/adult gerontology at MGH. I live in California and I'm having a very hard time deciding which program would be a better match. Due to the very small time frame the schools give to decide, I will not be able to visit before the deadlines. I was wondering if anybody in Women's Health at either school could describe the programs from a more personal experience? I know that each has their pros and cons, like BC's lack of a Bachelors Degree, farther from city center, but faster and less expensive/ MGH being more expensive, much longer in time frame, but closer to the city center? I would still love the city feel, but it seems that I'm deciding between a suburb with many undergrads or a very industrialized commercial location-- nothing that's actually in the heart of the city.

    Does the 21 month BC program prepare you readily for being an NP? And would going for the dual degree at MGH increase my chances of finding a job afterwards?

    I'm just wondering if MGH is worth the 115,000, or if it will hinder job finding chances later to not be awarded a BS in Nursing from BC before the Masters?

    Any insight would be amazing, since both schools seems to be almost complete opposites of each other in every pro and con.

    Thank you!
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  3. by   danceluver
    Hello Valeria7--Did you go to BC?
  4. by   kellyk5294
    Hi Valeria7,
    I am in the same boat right now as you were two years ago. I was accepted to BC's Women's Health and MGH IP's dual track of Adult gero and women's health.
    I am curious to see which program you chose and why you decided to go there.
  5. by   bostonhopeful
    Hi kellyk5295,

    I'm in your boat this year and was wondering what decision you made. Are you at BC or MGH? Do you like where you are or would you do it differently if you could? Any advice you have would be great!