Are LPN's considered "real" Nurses?? - page 2

I am an LPN, I am proud to have completed the courses required to get my licence. It wasn't easy working full time while going to school full time and raising 2 daughters on my own. When I passed... Read More

  1. by   Boston-RN
    In MA the big things are take admissions(because RN is supposed to do first initial assessment), hang blood (although we can monitor as soon as it's hung) and IV PUSH meds (can hang mixed meds)

    And at the last place I worked I did everything outside of those things (vent pts, stg 4 vac'd, ESRD on dialysis, trachs, iv insertions, central line mgmt, people coding, being intubated etc) And not to brag but I got a lot of compliments from the PA/MD on my nursing/assessment skills and I am a new grad LPN working with all RN's.

    Don't let anyone make you feel bad about yourself. Anyone that has been an LPN knows what the LPN program is like. I am 1/2 way through the LPN-RN bridge program (all nursing classes done) and to be honest, I really haven't learned anything we didn't already go over in the LPN program, maybe just a little more detail)
  2. by   CapeJaz
    MAnurseHopeful - where did you go to school for your LPN and where are you currently in school? Thanks.