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Hi, I hate to dwell on the negative here, but it seems like there are alot of massachusetts new grads not finding jobs. Is anyone finding jobs, if so what are your techniques. :jester:... Read More

  1. by   DolphinRN84
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    Hi LenaRn

    good luck to you on the job search. I saw that job fair and I was planning on attending. Have you looked at the Career Advice forum...there is some good advice there...hey keep us updated on your helps me get through the days knowing that i'm not the only one going through this.

    Hey oualie20....just got back from the open house...well so much luck for that....they're not hiring new grads till February, but the HR lady did give me her card and told me to check back with her in like she has a copy of my resume. I'm so hospitals around here are hiring new grads till like the next cycle...whatever that means..oh well...maybe ill be lucky during the middle of the fall.....
  2. by   Phish
    Hi all... I graduated in May, took my boards in August, started sending my resume out in July, had a job set up to start in September.

    Within 2 weeks, I got about 10 calls for interviews, went on 4 interviews and received offers from all.

    I found out the problem with most hospitals is the lack of preceptors. The nursing shortage in Mass is alive and well! I got a job in a community health center making the same money as my some of my friends I graduated with who work in the hospitals... And $2 more than others who chose to work in LTC. is a great resource to search for a job. I also thought of places I was interested in and sent my resume to them whether or not I knew they were hiring. (In fact, the job I have now, I never saw an ad for it.)

    I knew when I graduated, I didn't want to work in a hospital because of my future goals. I feel I am getting the needed experience as a new grad and I work Monday through Friday 9-5p. This leaves time for me and a per diem job if I wanted.

    You have to think outside of the old taboo that you have to work in a hospital right out of school. Maybe try and get some experience elsewhere then transfer into a hospital if that is what you want. There are a lot of health centers, LTC, rehabs, schools, state hospitals, DSS programs, private doctor offices, etc. that will take new grads.

    As always, be careful and don't just take a job to have one! I found some places will hire new grads but have you pushing paper, taking phone calls, or giving out just meds.

    My job at the clinic is a combination of primary care and urgent care nursing. I am able to do so much. I did make sure during the interview that I was promised at least 6 weeks of orientation, a preceptor and made sure I was comfortable with the center and the resources available for a new grad. Everyone from the Doctors to the MA's are very supportive and helpful. They also support continued learning. By my second week, I was sent to a conference at the State Lab to learn about immunizations, a conference on cervical and breast cancer, and a seminar about children and asthma!!

    I feel very lucky so far to have landed such job. So don't give up and don't settle.