Anyone work at the Brigham's?

  1. I am at a career crossroads and was wondering if anyone is/has worked at the Brigham & Women's Hospital? They seem to have exceptional training programs and have heard they're the highest paying hospital in Boston. I also noticed they have an awful lot of openings, especially in their onc/bmt units. Any feedback would be most appreciated. Thanks so much.

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  3. by   TechieNurse
    Hi Leslie,
    I work at BWH, but not in a bedside nursing role (I work in the Card. Surg. Research office). I did have to go through orientation (takes two weeks) and then there is a preceptor program that is tailored to the new hire's needs (for example, if you've never worked in Onc./BMT the program would be longer.
    We are a unionized hospital, not sure if it's the highest paying in the state, but it's right up there. Contract up this Sept.
    I've been here 3 years and love it.
    The nursing dept. encourages learning, taking vacations/days off, mentoring, community activities etc.
    I hope someone else here can speak to the specifics of floor nursing.
    Good luck with your decision!