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Has anyone gotten their letter from Massasoit? I was hoping they'd go out this week, and the suspense is making me crazy!... Read More

  1. by   PurposebyDesign
    Let us know how that meeting went. Because someone messed up you were past over for this Fall. I hope that they will make up for their mistake.
    I think that A&P will be tough , but then again I think that you will ace it.
    You have a lot of experience on your side, which is awsome . So you'll breeze right through it. I remember when I started Bio and A&P I had to study hard because it was the first time after a long time that I heard a lot of those words and some I never heard of(especially the muscular system) lol.

    You'll do great
  2. by   jreneex2
    Hey Guys, just figured I would let you know how my meeting went. There was more to the story than a missing waiver. Apparently they did have my waiver, the problem was the over 500 applicants and my grades were b's and one c in micro. She thought the plan I had to retake the sciences over the summer was good, especially if I got A's to increase my chances for next year. I am going to apply to Umass for spring Nov 1 deadline. So either way I will still be in school and working toward my ultimate goal. I know massasoit pretty well after all these years, and live close by, so if anyone wants help around here I will be more than happy to accommodate. there is a great website to pick your professors too. it is called or I just google it first. you can see what type of professor you get before you sign up...LOL! I am so happy for everyone who got in and look forward to hearing about the upcoming things that you will be facing. Don't leave me out! It will be good practice for me.
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  3. by   dknyb

    Glad to hear that you got that straightened out. The worst thing is not knowing. UMASS is a great option. I have a couple of friends starting in the Fall. 2 directly into the nursing program and 1 who is going to take more classes so that she can bring her grades up for the transition into nursing. I wish you all the best in reaching your goals.

  4. by   PurposebyDesign
    At least you know what is up with regarding your application process. I really believe that it wont be long before you find yourself in a nursing program. Keep us updated with your applications I'm rooting for you
  5. by   dknyb

    You are so supportive!!!!

  6. by   jreneex2
    Thank you guys!! I am positive this all happened for a reason...I am still so excited to be back in school and pursuing my higher education. I feel so alive since going back to school after 11 years. This has been a great site, meeting great and supportive people like you guys! Make sure you keep me posted on how your summer classes are going...
  7. by   PurposebyDesign
    Sooo I went on the campus tour Thur and everyone at the school seems really nice . They showed us everything from the Tutoring Center ( and they will see me during the summer (College writting 2) to where the computer labs were. Im really happy that I chose this school.
    Im happy that I get to take these classes at this campus during the summer before NS starts, at least I wont have to worry then about getting lost on campus.

    Im very excited, but I am also getting really nervous aswell:uhoh21:because this is really happening, am I dreaming? lol:zzzzz
    All I know is that I want to BE a nurse

    dknyb, did you get your Info packet in the mail yet? I received mine in the mail yesterday, man there's to much to be done :spin: before school starts
  8. by   elbow4273
    Hello everyone, I also am going to be attending Massasoit's day nursing program in the fall. I would love to hear from you. The information packet was a little overwhelming. I figured I would start with the medical form first. Yesterday, I went to my doctors to be pocked, proded and immunized. How is everyone else doing with the required info?
  9. by   dknyb
    Hi Elbow,

    Congratulations on getting in!!! I couldn't get into the Dr. for a physical until the 30th of June. But have already had all of the necessary tests done. I have also had the HepB shots done. I want to get the uniform ordered early and get the CORI paperwork in so that I can forget about it. Looking forward to meeting everybody in the Fall.

  10. by   PurposebyDesign
    Hi there Elbow

    I had all my shots already (work in a hosp,it has to be updated there)
    Physical -done (booked an appt before I got my letter)
    Cori form and copy of Drivers license - done
    Prove of Insurance copy - done
    Uniforms, 2 pair - done
    Can you tell that I'm excited? lol

    All I'm waiting for is the orientation. And I was told June 24
    In the meantime I'm taking some classes over the summer1&2 :smackingf starting next Tue
  11. by   elbow4273
    Hello fellow classmates! I am also excited. This is my third try getting in. I have all my non-nursing classes done, with A's except for a B+ in Micro. All I have left is the nursing classes themselves. I am sure that will be more than enough to handle. I, unfortunately, do have to work while going to school. I am in the process now of trying to figure out what hours I'll be able to work once school starts. There are still a lot of questions I have regarding the program. I want to get my uniform ordered soon too. I am going to have to search for some good shoes! Did you buy a stethoscope too? Did you say you heard the orientation was on June 24th?
  12. by   PurposebyDesign
    yes I called admission with the question and the lady told me it will be June 24. I reffered to this website as to what would be the best stethoscope to get and decided to reward myself with a Littman SE classic II. Its beatiful, yet the ugliest color (grey) I picked that color so that no-one wants to steal it because they are a coveted scope that is why you have to keep your eyes glued on it when someone borrows it.

    One of the P.T's at work told me to buy a stethoscope with one tube from the earpieces to the scope (listening part) lol dont know if thats the right name because and you can hear better and she told me not to buy the ones with two tubes like the first one in the link below.

    this is the one that I bought, with a name tag
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  13. by   elbow4273
    Thanks for the info regarding the orientation. I'll put in for the day off. I'm hopefully going to order my uniforms soon. I have several cheap stethescopes but I am nervous they won't really work as well as I need them to. We will see. Do you work in a hospital?

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